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Evil Overlords

The Editor The Editor (Unlocked 24.09.2007)
The Editor is the undisposed leader of the Overlords and without doubt the most powerful and cunning of them all. He has been identified as being a creature known as a Naga, though of the hitherho unknown specie, possessing a vast array of powerful magic. He is responsible for the gathering of the Overlords, and all in all he is the main force behind their invasions. In the last days of the War is was revealed that he originally was a Muse, the Muse of none other than Matt "Net" Summers, writer of EOU which had somehow escaped the mind of its creator and gain the upper hand in their relationsship. At the conclusion of the Wars the Editor was killed or at least grieviously wounded by Scale of CameoComic, but before anyone could get to him, his body was send into the void of webcomics by faithful Agent Catnap.
Some tidbits of The Editor's strange origin have previously been revealed and posted here

Post War Whereabouts: Months after the defeat of the EO's, the Edtior suddenly appeared in Mindmistress, convincing her to aid and heal him. He is currently in "custody" in a magical prison at her place.

Jason Fellback Jason Fellback (Unlocked 09.05.2007)
Fellback is a man of mystery, nobody (except perhaps for one being,) knows the full truth about him... probably not even himself! What IS known, is that he is an excellent mercenary agent with full access to all kinds of weapons, and furthermore is the "Guardian" of what is know as the 403-zone where the EO's settled their base for conquest. It has been revealed that The Editor had to weave magic on Fellback's mind, with his permission, to ensure the settling of the zone. Later Fellback became a key element in bringing back the young Celine from her capture by the G.R.A.I.S.E, an ordeal through which he lost much of his memory through the tamperings of the G.R.A.I.S.E, until the Agent Lethe restored it all to him at the Eve of the Wars and her life.
A few bits of Fellbacks known history have been recorded here

Post War Whereabouts: Fellback has not been spotted since the fall of the EO, he probably currently inhabits the Base of the Overlords, secured deep into the 403-zone.

Dr. Catastrophe Dr. Catastrophe (Unlocked 31.03.2007)
Dr. Catastrophe is a brilliant scientist, knowledgeable in almost every field, who sets results over everything else and is the brain behind most of the devices used by the EO's, especially the DRACO and the various types droids. It has been confirmed that he is the father of Celine Quickenice, losing her and her mother to G.R.A.I.S.E-abduction earlier in his career, then immersing himself completely in his work. When he run afoul with the ruling council of his world, them not supporting his radical ideas, he joined up with the Editor to form the core of the Overlords.
When Catastrophe saw his daughter fall during the Last Battle of the Wars, he abandoned the fight in order to carry her to safety, leaving the battlefield for good.
How he became a key part in forming the Evil Overlords has been recorded here.

Post War Whereabouts: It has lately been revealed that Dr. Catastrophe after the Wars found sanctuary and healing with Evil. Inc.

Zworgue Zworgue (Unlocked 16.03.2007)
Zworgue is a "tingnie" , the last surviving member of an ancient lost civilization but sealed away to evolve further than anyone of his race, among others giving him the skill to rip through the veils of dimensions (comics) and enter then by his own will. Being resurrected by Dr. Catastrophe and the Editor, his evolvings have slowly been taking place during the cause of the Wars, adding speech and size to his being. It's not known how far his evolvings could take him, and during the last waves of the Wars his battle with Forma caused the two of them to reset each others evolvings.
Zworgues addition to the Evil Overlords has been recorded here.

Post War Whereabouts: Zworgue was last seen picked up by an unknown character in an unknown world. The story of his past is currently running as an EO-epilogue.

Deception Deception (Unlocked 22.06.2007)
Behind the Half-Elven visage of Deception lies his true form, the one of a powerful Dragon, one of the majestic Easterlings mankind has waged war with for a long time. Always having been considered an outsider by most Dragons, Deception is nonetheless strong, ruthless and cunning, though bordering to the careless sometimes, confident in his own abilities. Still he made an excellent second in command for the EO, using his skills and powers to among others recruit a sizeable army of Fantasy monsters, Goblins, Trolls, Giants etc, for the EO-armies.
Deception is fully at home in his Humanoid shape, enjoying in full its possibilities, especially with regards to the opposite sex in which he has an interest that more that rivals that of gold, the common trait of most Dragons.. so much that it became his downfall during the Last Battle of the Wars.
Deception's joining with the Overlords has been recorded here.

Post War Whereabouts: Deception was taken from the battlefield of the Wars by Aggie, author of American Gothic (NSFW) and brought to what may or not be her comic, to rest and heal under her supervision. Last seen he was working at Walmart.

Celine Quickenince Celine Quickenice (Unlocked 15.04.2007)
Celine is the daughter of Dr. Catastrophe and, pre-Overlords was kidnapped by the G.R.A.I.S.E along when her mother when she was very young. Snd she grew up in a spacefaring Zoo where her mother died of malnutition, while the various tests the G.R.A.I.S.E: subjected her to, awakened her latent psionic powers and gave her a deep hatred to all races alien. When freed by Jason Fellback, she returned home and joined her fathers organization, developing her psionic skills during the cause of the Wars, especially those involving mentally "charming" her opponents, as well as more direct telekinetic powers. Her full extend has, to all knowledge, not been reached yet, but she found her match and superior during the Last Battle of the Wars in Bengahl from Foxfire Chronicles, former prisoner of the EO's, mortally wounding her and causing her father to abandon the fight in order to bring her to safety, away from the fighting.
An account of some of her trials has been recorded here.

Post War Whereabouts: It has been revealed that Celine by her father was brought to a sanctuary with Evil. Inc. for healing and later training. Lately the appearel of Bengahl has forced her to change her location yet again

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