The EO Forces

The EO Forces

Droids Droids
The Droids were the backbone in the Overlord Armies from the very beginning. Coming in an endless stream from the mighty factories of the Overlord Headquarters, they were produced along several differnt key productionlines (Scifi, Adult (build on the core-design bought from Action Porn (NSFW) ), Fantasy, Super etc.) designed for the respective comic-catagoerie, but were continually upgraded all throughout the Wars as new and improved products saw the day, learning upon previous experiences adn failures, among them the Forma Droid envisioned by Zworgue and the specialized Sprite-droids, causing havoc in Too Many Authors among others.
Usually heavily armed and possessing greater strength and various abilities as well as levels of artificial intelligence, the droids have performed on every battlefield the EO's have been involved in over the Wars. They are completely loyal to the Overlords to the extend of their programming, but when coming under the magical influence of Terra in the realm of the Magical Misfits, the droids tended to become selfaware and rebel, which caused different kinds of trouble to the warmongers.

Demons Demons
During the Wars, demons of many sizes and shapes were added to the armies or the Overlords. The most numerous of the the Demons were the Nightmares, added to the armies through a, yet unknown, alliance with the Demonic Forces of Parallel Dementia. Some of them became a major factor in running over the defences of Clwyd-Rhan under control of Alcydia, assisted by the Hellish armies consisting of various demons and devils added to the alliance by Demona.
The demons of the Overlords came in all shapes and sizes and from many different comics, among them Magellan, hired and bought by various means to fight in the Wars with the other forces of the Overlords.

Woflmen Wolfmen
The Wolfmen were the result of experiments conducted by Alcydia in pre-war Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and used for her own nefarious purporses before they were added to the ever growing armies of the Overlords when she, along with Demona, teamed up to wreack destruction during the Wars. Being pretty stupid as a whole, the Wolfmen served mostly as cannon fodder, but did so to excellence, especially during Alcydia's attack on the Undercity where she ended up wrestling control of the city from the Witch Queen.
Armed with many different weapons, the most special and feared weapon of the Wolfmen, is their airbone forces, riding on propulsion provided by cheap dog food!

Aliens Aliens
The Aliens were added to the armies of the Overlords through their alliance with Head Alien of It's Walky! infamy. The "Purple Smurfs" are extremely fragile since they cannot live without theirr exo-suits and are hence not very useable in full scale battles, though they were often brought along as shock-troops and cannon-fodder. However, with their number seeming to be almost endless, this is a drawback to overlook.
Also, besides them, as a rule of the thumb, being slightly stupid and sometimes suicidal, the Aliens served HA well, manning his spacefleet in the battles of the Crossover Wars.

Plant-Creatures Plant-Creatures
The Plant-creatures started out as a serious of experiments conducted by Dr. Catastrophe during the Wars. At first they started out as small and evil-tempered sprouts, but later the Doctor carried his experimentations over to large greenery, having his forced, either through force or stealth, bring in more and varied plants from several other comics, especially from the gardens og the monastery of Clwyd-Rhan where the monks soon will face an almost empty garden where once dozens of different samblings thrieved.
The end result of the experimentations became the Plant-Creatures. Fierce bloodthirsty character eating plants that were 100% loyal to the Overlords, and though they never got to be used en masse during the Wars, they carried their own weight during the confrontations, especially during the Forumites' attack on the Overlord stronghold.

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