Evil Overlords United
Special EO Agents

Death Bunny Death Bunny (Agent Bunny)
Death Bunny was hired out of continuity from the comic of Impy & Aevy after a deal in which the Editor provided forcefield technology to his current employer, Preti. He was hired both for his skills in battle but also because of his skills in deception and commandoraid, and his primary mission was to work undercover in the Forum of EGS where he furthered the cause of the EO's on several occasions. He orchestered access for EO-troops to the forums where they got their hands on several crates of the fabled TF-Guns, and he enabled for the EO's to enact a portal to the home of FLEET of the CRFH-Forums where they managed to take off with a good deal of their fleet from their very own hangars. In the end, after having been under suspicion several times and even survived a in-forum court, DB's identify as an agents was revealed and he was forced to flee, mortally wounded, back to the sickbays of the EO HQ where he was giving care and could return to full strength during the Forum attack on the HQ itself, and later the Final Battle of the Wars. Little is known from DB's past except what might be glimpsed from what seems to be his original comic of origin.
Death Bunny is a figtingmachine in his own right, bristling with weapons and not above bringin new and grizzly toys into play.

Post War Whereabouts: Unknown, but most likely he is back in his own comic which now seems to have ended.

Corporal Max Catnap Corporal Max Catnap
Max Catnap is best known for being a self-hating furry that spawned from a history of being surrounded by obscenity, vulgarity, and a bastardization of animals in a poorly constructed Yiffy Webcomic called Krayon Kitty Klub. Hating the life he was forced to live at the mind and hands of a perverted creator, Max bid his time and in the end took out his revenge on the artist himself during one of his frequent self-insert, making his own home comic suffer from a 8 year old hiatus. He was "rescued" from the timeless space of hiatus by the Editor, and thanks to him he found comfort in being part of the EOU, though he never had the full respect of the Overlords and has to suffer their redicule on more than one occasion.
During the Wars he was send to the comic of Project A.D.A.M where he encounted and killed a version of Jenny Everywhere but got lost in the webcomic-dimensions, for later to return to EO HQ and face yet another load of ridicule for a failed mission. Here he fought the prisonaoutbreakers of the P.S.I.-crew, just to be draw into the Last Battle of the Wars when the DRACO went malfunctioning, During the battle he located the Editor's corpse and send it to rest into the randomness of the webcomic dimensions before him himself going berserk on the battlefield.
Catnap seems to possess superstrength as well as the ability to negate other characters and author's powers, thought something hints that he cannot use both at the same time.

Post War Whereabouts: Unknown.

Pink Flash Pink Flash (Agent Pink)
Pink Flash is none other than a fullfledged Magical Girl Mercenary recruited by Deception from the comic of Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T, much likely as a result of hard cash changing hands. Her first major task was to go undercover in the Forum of the Wotch, working under the alias of Paula Pink, and here she was credited and much admired by the Overlods, as being the one responsible for the major forum crash that occured there and opened an entrance for the raid of the Overlords that played Azzy into their hands and caused skirmishes between the Wotchers and Bunnies. She was later recognized as her real self and had to return to the EO HQ where she joined the battles against the Forumites in their attack upoin the Headquarter, as well as the Final Battle of the Wars.
The full scope of her powers and past are not know, but as she has full access to Magical Girl Powers, she is a mean little bitch to triffle with.

Post War Whereabouts: She has been recorded as appearing in The Crossoverlord, in the employ of the Smiling Man.

Lethe Lethe
Lethe was the codename given to Fading Aura, author of if then else, after her kidnapping at the hands of Zworgue and subsequent brainwashing by Celine. An ill-fated self-insert led to her capture and subservience to the Evil Overlords as their special agent. Due to her author-level status, she had the ability to erase or restore the memories of any character she encountered. Any trace of enmity against the EO in the captured prisoners' minds was eradicated by Lethe before the final conflict. Having been added to the forces late in the wars, Lethe didn't reach her full potential before the final conflict. "G", from the comic G for Genesis, cut her advancement of the EO cause short with the tip of his blade. As a final act of compassion, she managed to return Fellback's memory before she faded away from life.

Post War Whereabouts: Though Lethe died during the Wars, what appears to be another reincarnation of Fading Aura later turned up in one of the sequel to the Wars, featuring Deception's fate as it take place in what may and may not be American Gothic Daily (NSFW).

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